my tagging system is very basic and does not include trigger warnings for a very simple reason.

I am way too busy to tag every potentially triggering thing in everything I post.

It would end up being like Trigger Warning: flashing lights, epilepsy, strobes, bright colors, big dogs, seclusion, dark colors, ghosts, rape, sexual assault, abuse, big cats, spiders, monsters, lightning, rude language, insults, sexism, ableism, racism, other isms, kissing, slash, hetero, boxes, small spaces, open spaces, forests, water, ocean, heights, brick walls, loud noises, feet, magic, death, teeth, food, pork, meat, sweets, cake, cooking, balls, knives, ice, pasta,

like… do you know how much extra time I would spend sitting there, thinking about every possible way to tag something so no one ever ever ever gets upset or bothered or triggered? Literally anything can be a trigger, and while I do use some of the tags I mentioned in the example list, I don’t have time to tag everything.

So please forgive, but I will undoubtedly never start tagging everything. This isn’t me being malicious or hurtful. It’s me having a life outside of tumblr - something I do for fun - and not having time to devote to hardcore tagging.